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I have a life philosophy that goes something like this “Every year you should do something that scares the shit out of you.” If you don’t push yourself to do something scary each year you could end up a stagnant person who lives more in the glory of the past than in the moment – and honestly my past isn’t that glorified.  Also I have learned from teaching Theory of Knowledge that the past doesn’t even exist… 0ur memories of the past exist, but the past itself isn’t an entity we can do anything with, it only exists in our minds… Doing something scary and new creates new possibilities; stretches the imagination about what we think is possible; builds confidence;  and I believe it sets a good example for my two daughters  and gives me something to talk about besides my them

So what is going to scare the shit out of me this year?  I am going to complete an Olympic Triathlon.  I am not going to think about it or consider it; I am not going to sign up for one and then switch to a sprint a few weeks before; I am not going to try to complete one, I am actually going to DO it. You see I have done all of the aforementioned (besides try one) for the past two summers without actually doing an Olympic… because it scares me! But the time has come.  So why is it so scary? Who knows! I’ve done several Sprint Triathlons, I’ve even run the Portland Marathon (twice!), I have friends and family that have completed Olympic and Ironman triathlons who wouldn’t bat an eyelash, but it really does scare me. But why??? Here are my top reasons for being scared:

  1. It sounds serious  –  “Olympic”   – versus the more relaxed Sprint
  2. The racers are more serious about it all and I’m not that serious about competition
  3. I could drown – there is a definite possibility…
  4. I could not finish
  5. I could finish last
  6. I don’t have the right gear (I’ve used a friends jet skiiing wetsuit in the past)
  7. It will take self discipline to train which I may or may not choose to channel
  8. I do not see myself as an athlete and I think you have to be some sort of athlete to complete an Olympic Tri
  9. I have to find the time to train, be a wife, be a mom, and work… can I do that?
  10. I don’t like bicycling – I hate those stupid clip things on your shoes and I hate riding alongside cars and I hate hills

This is fraught with opportunities for failure which obviously what it all boils down to (duh)… but here I go! On September 23rd, at 7:30 am I will be competing in the Portland Triathlon.

Sooo if you want to follow along on this mom’s journey, I’d love the company.   In exchange for the web based peer pressure that comes from knowing someone might read what I’ve been up to,  I promise to keep you entertained (I often do stupid things that make for funny stories)!

Go Momma Go!

T2 during first sprint triathlon in '09 - note the dense mountain bike!


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