Hail Storms

I have made no secret of the fact that I am a fair weather runner. I don’t really like to get too cold, too wet, or too hot.  In the winter this is problematic because I live in Portland, Oregon and in February the average temperature is 45 F and the average rainfall is 4.79 inches.   These do not make for good running conditions according to me.    However, a girl’s  gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, and this girl has gotta stay in “reasonable” shape through the winter  in order to achieve my spring/summer goals.  To this end I have become much more acquainted with the treadmill at the gym and even made friends with a stairmaster.  But occasionally the clouds stop sending down a torrent of rain and it becomes preferable to run outside rather than next to the over-sweaty, under-clothed people at the gym.  This was the case last weekend. Kody reported that there was a 70% percent chance of rain on Saturday so he went for a bike ride in the morning and then I took off for an afternoon run.  I am not a gambler and I have no idea why I was smitten with the whopping 30% chance that I would stay dry, but it was a mistake.  About a mile and a half into my run the hail storm started… shit.   Well at least it was hitting me from behind.  I kept running, I mean how long can a hail storm last? Well I am here to tell you it lasted for another mile, at which point I turned around only to be running INTO the hailstorm… double shit. About a half mile from home the hail was replaced by rain.  It has taken me a week to write this post because my Monday sniffles became a full-fledged cold by Tuesday and I was heavily dosed with dayquill or nyquill (depending on the time of day) until yesterday.   Feeling good today I decided to check the weather report to see if I could get in a run… A 50% chance of rain… ya, I’ll take those odds.


Training Update

Since this is suppose to be about the process of training it seems long overdue to actually write about how training is going.  To be fair I think the term “training” implies a level of concentrated effort to get better at something and I am putting forth a concentrated effort to maintain my level of fitness until the weather improves.  Perhaps this post is better entitled a “Maintaining Update.”

Running is going well!  I need the least amount of equipment for it and it is my best sport, so I do it the most.  I am hitting the treadmill a few days a week for 30 minutes or so and doing some good interval work.  I know that the intervals are doing there thing because I went for a 6 miler last weekend  and I was several minutes faster than I had been the last time I did the same route.  I am feeling the need to sign up for a race here in the next month or two – having a short term goal makes the monotony of training seem worthwhile, plus I could use another tech T-shirt.

Biking is okay, for sure not my favorite but I went out with Kody a few weeks ago for a 16 mile ride which was a lot of fun.  He is pretty into cycling, okay he is REALLY into cycling, much more than I am at any rate and so I always learn new things as we go.  For example this last time I learned that the left gear shifters and the right gear shifters do different things to the chain and the crank(?)… I might have that all messed up, but regardless I got a a shifting 101 course.  I also had the opportunity to try out my Dukes of Hazard style braking technique, twice.  I didn’t see a car coming (twice) and had to slam on my (wet) brakes which locked up my (wet) tires on the (wet) road and I skidded out Bo Duke style.  I can’t decide if it probably looked cool to the nearby pedestrians or if I looked like a complete moron.  On the homestretch Kody and I were riding side by side and we started to have a pretty serious conversation about our parenting styles and how we thought we were doing.  My legs were a little tired so I suggested we slow down just a tad… My loving husband, who is determined to help me train on the bike, chuckles nefariously and says “You want to keep talking about parenting? You gotta keep up!” and then he speeds up.  Yes, I caught up to him and yes, we finished our conversation and got a solid workout, right to the very end!

Swimming is more theoretical at this point.  I did look through the Title 9 catalog at new swimsuits – so there is some progress.  Last year I bought my swimsuit at Costco and thought it was cute and a good “mom” suit until one day at the pool I noticed a woman at least twice my age wearing the same suit as she walked laps.  That will not happen again.  Ladies – if you aren’t familiar with Title 9 clothes, you really should be!  There is a store in Portland but the catalogs and the website are wonderful too!  http://www.titlenine.com

So there you have it, I am maintaining my level of fitness but doing some of the difficult ground work (i.e. learning to shift, brake, and shopping for a new suit) needed for future fitness endeavors .

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