What moves you?

Disclaimer: This started out as an entry about the playlist on my i-pod but somehow became something else…

Stagnation.   What an ugly word. Seriously. Beyond being ugly, what is it? And more importantly why do I care about that word in this blog?  Not to worry, this is not a monologue about a pile of running clothes that need laundering or a forgotten water bottle at the bottom of my gym bag (though both exist).  This is about one idea: WHAT MOVES YOU? If you are not moving you are risking stagnation. My good friend Google gave me the following definitions of stagnation:

  • ceasing to run or flow
  • a foulness or staleness
  • a failure to develop, progress, or advance
  • the state or quality of being or feeling sluggish and dull

Would you EVER want any aspect of you or your life characterized this way? So I ask again, WHAT MOVES YOU? What keeps you fresh? What makes you advance and develop? In what areas of your life are you developing? How are you actively working against becoming sluggish and dull?   Of course I ask myself these same questions too – usually when I am 2/3 the way through a pool workout or staring at the distance counter on my treadmill as my feet pound away on the belt… yes, usually when I have NOTHING better to think about.  But it’s a good question and often ignored in the buzz of day to day demands.  Seriously, who has time to contemplate this when you are putting wet clothes in the dryer, making a lunch, prepping a dinner, signing a permission slip, breaking up an argument, applying a band aid, feeding the dog, replying to a text and brushing your teeth all at the same time? Yes, I just described yesterday morning…  Despite all of these demands stagnation will throw a GIANT roadblock in your life if you don’t address it.  Stagnation is a slow, creeping enemy. It isn’t going to pounce on you out of nowhere, it creeps in bit by bit.  It is what happens when all we focus on is the day to day bits but forget about what makes us interesting… I’m not saying that putting a band-aid on a boo-boo or getting dinner on the table isn’t important – it is! But it isn’t like you are going to bring it up at the next dinner party you go to, right?

If you are stagnating what will it take to get you out of that state? You have one life to live… WHAT MOVES YOU?  I have asked myself that a lot lately. I feel like I am in a state of constant reflection, revision, refocus and I keep thinking about what moves me.  To be honest, my girls move me – both literally and figuratively.  They are why I do the things I do (run, buy organic when possible, listen to classical music, swear very little…).  But I move me too and I think I forgot about that for awhile. I am in charge of me and I am deciding where I want to go and what I want to do. I think I had forgotten that I am the source of my own kinetic energy.  Physics 101:  Potential Energy is energy of position, it is stored energy. Kinetic Energy is energy of motion. Potential Energy is converted to Kinetic Energy when an object is in motion.  We all have Potential Energy stored up in us waiting to be used, all you have to do is start moving… Here’s another thing to remember, no one can give you their Potential Energy, we are each our own source. However, an object can impart its Kinetic Energy into another object… being around others who are moving forward can literally rub off on us.

Note to self: Get up. Get moving. Be around those who are moving in the same direction you are.


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