Monitor and adjust

One of the first things you learn when you are a teacher is the concept of “monitor and adjust.” It is precisely what it sounds like – you monitor what is happening with the lesson and adjust things if necessary.  Well the same concept holds true for life – it is essential to monitor what is happening in life and adjust things accordingly.

I set out to complete an Olympic Triathlon months and months ago.  I registered, I started a blog, bought a new “cool” swimsuit, and began training… but life threw me a few curve balls these past few months and I find myself having to monitor and adjust. The reality of my spring and summer left me feeling tired and really without too much free time to spend training. As a single parent I now have even less time for training so I have had to monitor and adjust.  In 11 days I’ll complete the Portland Triathlon, but it will be a sprint, not an Olympic. I hemmed and hawed over the decision but the clincher was when my good friend (who recently won the Aluminum Man triathlon – yay!) reminded me that a mile-long open water swim was “the real deal” and it would suck to be pulled from the water by a race official in a kayak.  So alas, I switched my registration and am looking forward to a great race. The new goal is to beat my best time and I’m feeling confident about that.


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