Run like a Mother…

July 31, 2014

There is a book written by a local author entitled “Run like a Mother.” The book itself is great! It is funny, smart, informative, and best of all validates some of the crazy things we do as mothers who are trying to get a workout in. I also love the title… I love what it seems like it means at first glance, and I love what it means literally. To run like a mother requires a different level of commitment and balance and creativity than to run as a single person or a childless woman or for that matter even a father. Why is this? Well, I suppose its equal parts guilt, multitasking and sheer necessity.  Lets take yesterday for example. My plan was to wake up early (6:00 am) to get a 6 mile run in before the kids were awake (my mom is staying with me over the summer so not to worry, there would still be an adult in the house). Unfortunately I went to bed (very) late and then woke up at 4:20 to a soft pounding on the walls which I thought was one of the kids, but turned out to be one of the dogs kicking the wall with his back paws while he was likely dreaming of running (ah, the irony). Alas, I did not get back to sleep until 5:30 and then slept in until 8:00. My early morning run window was closed by then so I needed a plan B… a treadmill workout wasn’t appealing to me but then… Lightbulb! I needed to go into work for an hour or two and told the kids if they were willing to go to work with me for a bit we’d stop by their school playground afterwards and they could play while I ran around the playground on the concrete track. They could play, I could run – we’d all be happy. So that is what we did. I logged my miles on a hot, 91 degree concrete track and then “worked out” on the playground equipment. Was it ideal for me? No. Would I have preferred a cool morning run and a workout in my air conditioned gym? Absolutely. I know there will come a day when my kids are doing their own thing and I’ll be able to get my runs in whenever and however I want, but until then I’ll just run like a mother.




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