What do you mean the swim was cancelled?

In 12 hours I will start the Portland Triathon, er… well… no scratch that, in 12 hours I will start the Portland DUathlon.  Yes, that’s right a duathlon – biking and running only. The swim was cancelled.  There is a layer of “green growth” on the Willamette River and the river managers can’t determine if it is harmless or not, so the swim was cancelled.  All of my training and panicking over the swim has been for naught… I can’t decide if I’m relieved or if I’m disappointed. On one hand I don’t have to squeeze into an impossibly snug wetsuit and battle upstream with hundreds of other racers like a school of homebound salmon.  But on the other hand,  this was going to be the year I checked the Portland Tri off my bucket list and dammit I’m tired of it being there.  I can’t check it off even if I do finish the race tomorrow because regardless of what my fancy new tech shirt says, it ISN’T a triathlon.   So friends, wish me luck tomorrow as I run-bike-run my way a few steps closer to completing the Portland Triathlon.



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