Third time’s the charm

Three years ago I declared I was going to complete an Olympic Triathlon. I signed up for the Portland Tri, started a blog, and had my sights set.   I was READY to take on this goal!!! So what happened, why didn’t I do the race the FIRST TIME?? Well… that was the summer I got divorced… curious thing about divorce, it doesn’t leave a lot of space in your schedule or your head for much else. I ended up changing my registration and completing the sprint triathlon. The next year I signed up for the Olympic Triathlon again – this time NOTHING was going to stand in my way!!! I was focused! I biked, ran and swam my way to readiness. So what happened, why didn’t I do the race the SECOND TIME? Due to unusual “green growth” in the Willamette the swim was cancelled and the TRIathlon became a DUathlon. Yes, I do have the shirt that says I did an Olympic Triathlon, but I know I didn’t do it. So, it remains on my list of things to finish.

Determined to cross this race off “the list,” I signed up a THIRD TIME for an Olympic triathlon, the Deschutes Dash, an Olympic Triathlon that takes place in Bend. The 1 mile swim is in the Deschutes, the 26 mile bike ride is up towards Mt. Bachelor, and the 6 mile run is along the banks of the Deschutes and into Bend. The race is a week from tomorrow (Saturday, July 18th). I could not be MORE ready! I’m trained up, hydrating like a camel, have a new wetsuit, Yankz in my shoes, travel and hotel arrangements, my bike has been serviced and I’ll have my #1 fan cheering me on for the whole thing.

Having taken 3 attempts at this race has sucked, it really has, but the silver lining of it all has been the blog I’ve written. Who knows if anyone has read it, but I have, in fact I re-read through the whole thing a few days ago. It is fun to remember what I was doing and what happened – hail storms, Bo Duke skids, vomit in my car…

If you HAVE been reading this, I hope its been entertaining and I look forward to reporting my July 18th success!


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